FOTOKONBIT TEAM: Woolser Delisfort

Woolser Delisfort 

Photography Education Associate / Miami  

Woolser Delisfort is an award winning documentary photographer/ filmmaker born, raised and currently residing in Little Haiti, a predominantly Haitian-American neighborhood located in Miami, Florida. Woosler has spent the past eight years documenting the culture, emotions, humanity, and spirituality of Little Haiti. His hope is to replace the negative stereotypes of crime, drugs and poverty often associated with his hometown with positivity through personal images of joy, life and creative expression found within Little Haiti.  

In 2015, Woosler decided to shift his lens to focus more on the spiritual traditions of the African Diaspora, specifically the ceremonies of Vodou, Santeria and other Orisa traditions found in Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, Jamaica and Benin. He concentrates on the foundational elements of their rituals and traditions, namely dance, drum, song and physical adornment.