In the southern agricultural town of Camp Perrin we produced our first workshop with fifteen adults between the ages of twenty-one and fifty-five in partnership with the organization ORE. The participants spent seven days photographing the Camp Perrin community. All of the Camp Perrin photographers are from the area but some had just moved back after the 2010 earthquake displaced them from Port-au-Prince. The workshop gave both those participants who had been relocated to Camp Perrin and those who were already living in the area time to explore and appreciate the community. During the first workshop we used Holga film but in subsequent workshops we have worked digitally. The members of this group formed a photo club that we were able to donate cameras to. The members of the photo club use the cameras to document their lives and some are able to use the cameras to earn money.

This edit also includes work from a photography workshop we produced with youth living in a tent community in Peguyville, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince. The organization Prodev had aschool set up in this camp and we worked with their students.