FotoKonbit is a non-profit organization created to empower Haitians to tell their own stories through photography. We teach photography workshops to children and adults.

Inspired by the Kreyol/ Taino word "konbit" which can be defined as the coming together of similar talents in an effort towards a common goal, we use our skills as photographers, educators, and artists to empower Haitians through photography. By partnering with established Haitian organizations, FotoKonbit is uniquely positioned to inspire hope through creative expression and provide Haitians with the opportunity to document their reality and share it with the largest possible audience.

FotoKonbit has taught more than one hundred students since 2010 and has 48 permanent student members in Camp Perrin, Port-au-Prince, Labadie and Jacmel, who need equipment and periodic photo workshops to improve their already beautiful work. Fotokonbit also runs an after school photography program at Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje/PRODEV. More then twelve photography workshops have been produced for adults in various cities across Haiti. In addition Fotokonbit has had four international exhibitions!

Our goal is to work in communities all over Haiti and create a national archive of images of Haiti.

Showing Haiti though Haitian eyes.

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